“World’s Most Embattled Person” Jordan Peterson Discloses to Joe Rogan How He Gets Treated in “Real Life”

A Canadian psychologist, author, and media commentator, Peterson is widely famous for his views on cultural and political issues. This time Peterson was once again featured on the top trending podcast 'JRE' and discussed various contrasting topics. Let's dig in to know more.

The UFC color commentator Joe Rogan was recently joined by Jordan Peterson on his podcast 'JRE'. Rogan took to Instagram to reveal about his conversation with Peterson and wrote, “Probably the best conversation I’ve ever had with Jordan Peterson. He was focused and on point.”


The duo discussed several topics like online bitter culture explanation, online crime, trolling, lack of role models for the current generation, and more.

What Did They Discuss About?

Gordon Peterson opened up on perception of himself as being one of the most embattled people in the world, based on his public image. He further went ahead and expressed that his real-life experiences are mostly positive, opposite of his image.

Peterson on Online Hate 

He said, “If you just looked at me virtually, you’d think like I was the world’s most embattled person in some way, you know. Maybe not the world’s most, but I’m up in the top ten, maybe.”

During the podcast, Peterson even highlighted the stark contrast between online and real-life interactions and how real-life interactions are more positive and productive.

Peterson on Negative Interactions

He said, “I’ve only had like three negative interactions with people in the real life in last six years. Like they stand out, they’re not fun. But they’re extremely rare. But online, it’s like, well, 50% of the people opposed Jordan Peterson. It’s like, no they don’t, it’s not even one percent.”

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