“WTF Is This Madness Dana” – Despite Being Bewildered by Dana White’s Power Slap, Conor McGregor Is ‘In’ With the League 

With the launch of this new venture that involves slapping the opponent, the Irishman has expressed his taxes and desires. What is this 'Power Slap League' about and what did McGregor say, let's find out.


The UFC president Dana White got approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his new venture of slap-fighting competition. With its promo being aired during UFC Vegas 66, the Irishman has got to say many things about this upcoming competition.

What is Power Slap
League About?

The new venture of White is into slap-fighting competitions and will begin his new promotion called 'Power Slap League'. It is a competition where two individuals will take turns slapping each other until one of them is knocked out.

How Did McGregor

McGregor has shown his approval for White's new venture 'Power Slap League'. The Irishman expressed his reactions via Twitter by sharing multiple tweets giving his thoughts on the league and enquiring about the rules and regulations.

What Did McGregor Say About Diaz?

Conor McGregor in another tweet expressed his desire to compete for the title in the league against Nate Diaz. He was taking a dig at Diaz because he is infamous for his tendency to “slap” people around. 

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