20-Year-Old Millionaire Gymnast Exposes the 'Red Flags' that Spell Doom for a Date

TikTok is abuzz with a new trend, the red flag filter. This filter has emerged in the dating world as a response to the beige flag trend, which emphasised uninteresting personality qualities. Reacting to the trend, Artistic gymnast and social media star Olivia Paige Dunne, has recently chimed in. 

Olivia Dunne participates in trending TikTok challenge

Dunne’s The LSU gymnast and social media influencer, with 7.5 million TikTok followers hesitated before unveiling her flags. However, her candid embrace of her red flags continues to captivate audiences. What could they be?

The Gymnast's Red flags

The flags turned out to be “Huge screen time,” “Slow texter,” and “Shops a lot.” Referring to the slow texter flag, she playfully noted in her caption, “Emphasis on the middle flag.”

Unsurprised and Fearless 

Accompanied by Taylor Swift’s “Fearless,” the 20-year-old didn’t appear surprised by the results. And ofcourse, the video garnered immense attention.

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