7x Skiing World Champion Mikaela Shiffrin’s Intense Workout Routine Challenges Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Creed’ Physique

Two-time Olympic Gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin has made a big name in the world of alpine skiing. However, Shiffrin aims for the sky and keeps on the grind. Recently, she hit the gym with the purpose of surpassing the legendary physique of Michael B. Jordan's character of Adonis Creed in the movie 'Creed'. Check out the following story to know if Mikaela was able to go beyond Creed or not.

Mikaela's attempt to surpass the 'Creed' physique!

Mikaela's reel started with her sarcastic question, "Do I look like Creed yet?" after which she goes on to do different exercises like the on-screen character Creed.
Credit- Mikaela Shiffrin/ Instagram

Alpine skier Shiffrin witnessed throwing the punches

Mikaela Shiffrin could be seen throwing punches on the reel like Adonis Creed and adding on a bunch of exercises with dumbbells and barbells.

Did Shiffrin surpass the physique of Creed with her workout?

Mikaela trained with her heart out but couldn't beat up Creed as she captioned, "Sorry, couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a @creedmovie reference, @michaelbjordan. 😅”

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