“Just Avoid the Rocks”: Skiing Icon Lindsey Vonn Narrated the Unforgettable Adventure She Experienced in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Published 10/16/2022, 7:30 AM EDT

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Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn, the ski racing champion, recently had a blast while trying out Heli-Skiing at 1:00 AM under bright sunlight! She had this crazy experience in Iceland, known as the land of the midnight sun, as the sun doesn’t set in Iceland during some parts of the year. 

Lindsey Vonn is a name that arguably needs no introduction when it comes to ski racing. She has won four World Cup championships. She has also won a staggering eight World Cup season titles in the downhill discipline, five titles in super-G, and consecutive titles in the combined. 


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Lindsey Vonn goes Heli-Skiing in Iceland

The skiing icon recently went on a holiday in Iceland where she decided to go Heli-Skiing at 1:00 in the morning. She woke up at midnight and went Heli-Skiing, calling it one of the most crazy experiences of her life. She described how difficult it was to fly a helicopter in those heavy winds. She said, “Skiing is dangerous as it is.” She also made it a point to “Avoid the rocks, just avoid the rocks.”

She watching out for those rocks, she said she had a lot of fun on her vacation in Iceland. 

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Vonn writes a book and dedicates it to her mother


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Talking about her recently published book, Lindsey Vonn said, “It was therapeutic for me to look back at my life.” She has shared the lessons that she has learned over the years and some of the memorable experiences that she has had in this book. While dedicating this book to her mother, she said, “My mom has been a huge inspiration in my life.”

Lindsey Vonn had a blast in the peaks and her incredible experience is sure to inspire many. Iceland has many such experiences during these times when the sun doesn’t set even at midnight due to its geographic location.


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Do you think you would enjoy heli-skiing? Would you also enjoy experiencing bright sunlight at night? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.


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