Alpine Skiing Legend Lindsey Vonn Faces the Wrath of a Poisonous Oceanic Creature While Enjoying Her Surfing Spree

Alpine Skiing legend Lindsey Vonn has conquered the snow-white mountains with her prowess and agility. However, this time, the prodigy wanted to try her hands at surfing, which ended poorly for the 38-year-old champion.

Not-so-great surfing journey for skiing legend so far

After getting retired from competitive skiing, Lindsey developed an interest in surfing. However, the four-time world champion suffered a wipeout in electro hydrofoil surfing post-knee surgery and another brutal fate during wake surfing.

A jellyfish sting is enough to ruin surfing spree on a sunny day

While the skiing legend was enjoying her wake surfing session, she was stung by a jellyfish on her buttocks while trying to get up on her board. She said on social media, "I literally rode over it."

"It's gonna leave a mark for a while": Lindsey Vonn

After Vonn suffered severe pain during the wake surfing session, she later posted a note for her fans on social media, " Thanks to everyone who gave advice on remedies. Think it's gonna leave a mark for a while...🤕at least I caught some waves before!"

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