“Ocean Is My Sanctuary”: Surfing’s Next Generation Shares ‘Crazy’ Experience on World Class Waves

Published 02/15/2023, 2:00 PM EST

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While Hawaii is said to be the origin of surfing brought to by the Polynesians around the 12th century, California has come to host a wide range of professional surfers from around the globe in recent times. Similarly, in this coastal city of California, surfing has moved past its boundaries of being just a sport, it’s become a “way of life.”

In an article by KTVU Fox, the high school surfers from Half Moon Bay open up about taking on world-class waves at their young ages. A few of them even reveal the priceless value of the sport in their regular lives. These gen-Z surfers will take you by surprise. 

Master surfers from Half Moon Bay


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According to the local FOX News affiliate, on 12th February, several surf athletes unveiled their jaw-dropping experiences at the swells. The city’s sophisticated waves require a higher level of expertise that often pros fail to conquer. However, that’s not the case for these high school kids. A senior student and Half Moon High surf team member, Dedon Prince stated, “The ocean is my sanctuary to be honest,”

While another student, Jack Sutherland claimed, “Surfing is just something that I have to do it’s become a therapy for me.” Furthermore, he even stressed on the fact that he is fortunate to be part of a school surf team which is pretty uncommon in the nation. “The coolest thing about having a surf team is having the opportunity to surf these world-class waves in Santa Cruz with three other people,” he added.

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Apparently, only 45 schools across the United States hold the opportunity of participating in school-level teams. Moreover, it is just as competitive to make it to the official team. The teams host a co-ed group of members and their seasons stretch longer than any other high school sports. The school go-ers also experienced the deadly waves of Mavericks beach in the city. 

Half Moon Bay High surfers hit the Mavericks


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Reportedly, their sheer expertise is rendering them significant fame in the region. Unsurprisingly, the teen surfers have had a go at the iconic Mavericks as well. The fierce waves weed out even the best of athletes. Nonetheless, they wanted to see it for themselves. 

Hence, reflecting on his experience, Prince disclosed, “Mavericks; she’s her own beast, I was questioning why I was out there. I’ve never seen anything like it before just how violent and how big the waves are is crazy.” While his teammate, Sutherland, recounted his perilous encounter when he was pushed deep down in water after a brief mishap. However, he yet admitted that the sport brings him ‘peace.’ This passion is something that iconic surfers resonate with as well. Case in point, once G.O.A.T. surfer, Kelly Slater talked about how he skipped school often to go surfing. 


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It is encouraging to witness such young surfers pursue their athletic dreams. However, it is also the responsibility of their schools and guardians to keep them out of troubling scenarios. How soon until we hear their names in the WSL? 


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Tiyasa Biswas


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