Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Look-Alike Son Joseph Bayne Bodybuilding Workout Comparison

Arnold Schwarzenegger needs no introduction. He's a former mayor, actor, bodybuilder, and living legend. Arnold's bodybuilding legacy is next to impossible to touch by any normal human. However, his look-alike son Joseph is following his footprints.

A quick look at Arnold's workout

Arnold's legacy has no match in the world of bodybuilding. You can witness yourself by watching the video


A quick look at Joseph's workout

Joseph Baena looks like Arnold, and he's following Arnold's footprint. We can watch his workout.

Credit- Men's Health/YouTube

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph Bayne

Heading 2

It is quite interesting how similar their faces are, you can not neglect the fact that Joseph inherited Arnold’s genetics, especially for the pursuit of bodybuilding. Joseph has been training for several years.

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