Big Ramy VS Brandon Curry: Mr.Olympia 2022 Rivals Comparison

The open category at Mr. Olympia is famous for featuring one of the freakiest bodybuilders in the history of bodybuilding. Big Ramy and Brandon Curry are two names who have risen to prominence in recent years. With the Olympia of 2022 approaching soon, let's have a quick comparison between Big Ramy and Brandon Curry.

Olympia Wins

Curry won his first Olympia title back in 2019 whereas Big Ramy has 2 Olympia titles now which he won in 2020 and 2021.

Body Measurements

According to the last known measurements, Big Ramy has a 54 inch chest, enormous 24 inch arms and a small 36 inch waist. Curry on the other hand, has 48 inch chest, 21 inch arm size and a waist of 34 inches.


Although the weight doesn't really matter in the open category as much as the size and conditioning does, but the last revealed weight of Big Ramy is 153-kilogram (337 lbs). Brandon Curry weighs in at 115- kilogram (225 lbs).

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