Bruce Lee: Top Five Moves Of The Legend You Need To Know

Bruce Lee brought his fans so many epic fight scenes and he paved the way for martial arts films that were to follow. Here are his best moves.

Flying sword 

Bruce Lee's flying sword move is quite famous. However, there's confusion how he summoned a sword.

Spinning kick and people

In this scene, Bruce Lee takes on dozens of Japanese karate school students and this is his one of the best moves.

Credit- Mrsimurghify/YouTube

The Mirror Fight In Enter The Dragon

At the end of the film, Lee finds himself in a hall of mirrors type room where he can't distinguish where the actual Han is. So, instead, Lee just Hulk-smashes every mirror until he finds the real Han, who is brandishing a Wolverine-style hand claw amongst other weapons.

Credit- Amnesia2morrow

Nunchucks domination

If you think Bruce Lee is good with legs and arms, you should watch him with weapons. He was master of using nunchucks.

Credit- Alpha Cinema Club/YouTube

One-inch punch

If One-Inch punch hitting is an art, Bruce Lee is the artist. You can see the perfection.

Credit- Gambass/YouTube

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