Chilling Video Shows Surfing Influencer Catching the Coldest Wave in No Man’s Land

YouTuber and surfer Ben Gravy is one of the most adventurous surfers out there who do unique things to impress their audience. Usually, the surfers ride the swells in the ocean to get the adrenaline rush. However, the surfer, finding the warm water surfing dull, chose to surf in the cold water that is too a frozen water glacier. Seems scary, isn't it? Well, check out the daring feat of the surfer in the chilling temperature.

Ben Gravy in Alaska for surfing Glacier!!

Ben Gravy went to Alaska for Glacier Surfing in front of a calving glacier.
Credit- Ben Gravy/ YouTube

The struggle to catch the coldest swell!

Ben Gravy tried his "hardest" to get to the wave created by the falling of the ice in the glacier and finally caught the wave.
Credit- Ben Gravy/ YouTube

A look at the chilling surfing session of Ben!

Here is the final look at the cold water surfing in the midst of a deserted glacier.
Credit- Ben Gravy/ YouTube

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