From Arnold Schwarzenegger To Chris Bumstead: Here Are The Top 5 Most Aesthetic Bodybuilders To Ever Compete in Mr. Olympia

In bodybuilding circles, being “aesthetic” refers to a combination of size and conditioning, muscle shape, and symmetry. Think about broad shoulders that taper into a tiny waist or spinal erectors that outline the coveted “Christmas tree” shape of the lower back. Here are the top 5 aesthetic bodybuilders ever to compete in Olympia

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite his mainstream appeal and A-list popularity, fans don’t look back at Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding career with rose-colored glasses. The man deserves every ounce of hype. He won the Mr. Olympia title seven times and was crowned the “Most Perfectly Developed Man in the History of the World,” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Chris Bumstead

Bumstead has dominated the division he competes in since winning his first Olympia in 2019, and fans have asked repeatedly that he jump into an Open show so he can test the waters. As of this writing, his focus is solely on keeping the title he owns in his possession.

Flex Wheeler

Ken “Flex” Wheeler’s proportions from head to toe earned him the nickname “The Sultan of Symmetry.” Flex was never the largest competitor onstage, but his wide back and tiny waist kept him in the running for any title he competed for. He won the 1993 Iron Man contest and followed that up with a victory at that year’s Arnold Classic, his first two pro contests ever.

Brandon Curry

Curry’s silhouette as he stands at the entrance to the Olympia stage makes fans anticipate seeing his physique that much more. The knock on the Tennessee native was his legs, but he had even improved those significantly, and the result is a body that has placed either first or second at the Olympia for three straight years (2019-2021).

Frank Zane

Though Ronnie Coleman racked up a record-tying eight Mr. Olympia wins during his career, he wasn’t always at his best during the big show. In 2001, a young Jay Cutler surprised everyone by not only challenging Coleman, but perhaps even surpassing him on stage.

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