“Had Such a Blast”: Ski-Legend Lindsey Vonn Hangs Out With Snowboarder Chloe Kim and Prominent Female Figures Celebrating Women’s History Month

Skiing Champion Lindsey Vonn recently attended a show celebrating women's history month. It's not every day that you get to see a number of female prodigies together. Check out the following story to witness Vonn with female skateboarding and soccer celebrities.

Ski legend hangs out with female prodigies

Ski-legend Lindsey Vonn hung out with skateboarder Chloe Kim, along with soccer player Alyssa Thompson and others. 

Lindsey captioned her Instagram with the text:"Had such a blast hanging out with these gals today"

Where did Lindsey hang out with female achievers?

Lindsey Vonn hung out with all-female achievers on the CBS show The Talk celebrating women's history month.

Who was the host of the show?

The show on which Vonn was present with female prodigies was hosted by American comedian Sheryl Underwood.

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