Here's A Quick Look At Lindsey Vonn And Lewis Hamilton's Friendship Moments

Nothing beats the fun of watching two greats from different sports teaming up for something. It’s like watching your favorite superheroes defeat a powerful villain together. Though the skiing legend Lindsey Vonn and seven times formula one champion Lewis Hamilton are not defeating anyone. So what is it that these two legends are up to?

Lindsey and Hamilton like each other company

Lindsey Vonn and Lewis Hamilton are often seen hanging out together. Surely the two mega sports celebrities like each other’s company. As they say, birds of the same feather flocks together. Perhaps that is what is great about being a legend. You get to hang out with others like you.

Lindsey and Lewis thought about doing something else together

After hanging out at parties, events, and races together, Lindsey and Lewis thought about doing something else together. So for a change, the two sports superstars decided to hit the gym together.

There were rumors that the two might be dating

Heading 2

For quite a while, there were rumors that the two might be dating. However, both of them always admitted that were just good friends enjoying happy moments together.

Lindsey Vonn opens up about the consequences of dating Tiger Woods

 “I got so mean and hateful things thrown at me when we first started dating. Read comments on Instagram and Facebook and those stuff. It taught me to be really confident in myself."

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