Most Underrated Exercises for Muscle Growth According to Famous YouTube Bodybuilding Vlogger

Eugene Teo is a bodybuilding coach based in Australia. He is a popular YouTuber with over half a million subscribers and over 42 million total views. Here are the most underrated exercises for muscle growth according to him.


The most common bodybuilding exercise for which you need no equipment. It gives you more freedom at the shoulder blades to work the serratus anterior, which is crucial for shoulder function and mobility.


Teo values leg presses over squats. According to him, leg presses enable you to push your legs to completely different limits than you can achieve with squats.


Teo says that hyperextension is just a stiff-legged deadlift and should be prioritized accordingly. 


 "Rope pull-down allows you to create this outwards force as you pull down... this can help coordinate arm and upper back muscles to work together," said Teo.

Split squat

Teo points out that the split squat has unique benefits, such as how it challenges your rotation at the hip, forcing you to train for stability and mobility as well as strength.

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