Rare Sighting: Grey Whale Spotted Surfacing Near Popular Surfing Area

Unlikely footage of a grey whale having a great swim in the shallow waters of a surfing area has caught the attention of surfing enthusiasts and fauna lovers across the internet. Check out the footage as well as the reason why the whale might have appeared in the surfing area in the following story.

Grey whale enjoying the swim near surfing grounds

A grey whale surfaced near a surfing area recently that caught the eye of the surfing community.
Credit- ViralSnare Rights Management/ YouTube

Where was the rare video captured?

The video of the rare sighting of a grey whale near a surfing area was captured in the United States.

Do grey whales appear in surfing areas?

Usually, the male grey whales swim in the surfing area in the winter and look for food, as it is easily available in the shallow waters.

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