Relive the Iconic On-Screen Fights of the GOAT Bruce Lee From His Movie Collection

Bruce Lee brought his fans so many epic fight scenes and he paved the way for martial arts films that were to follow. Here are his best fight scenes.

The Knife Deflecting Fight In The Big Boss

Bruce Lee's first film was also his darkest and most brutal in The Big Boss, otherwise known in America as Fists of Fury. The landscape of martial arts cinema was forever changed when Bruce Lee battled his way through gangs of bad guys in order to defeat the evil mob boss, Hsiao Mi, in an epic fight scene with a knife.

The Karate School Fight In Fist Of Fury

In this scene, Bruce Lee takes on dozens of Japanese karate school students and their master with a ton of excellent quick fights with each of the students, who are hilariously and easily made an example of.

Credit- Mrsimurghify/YouTube

The Mirror Fight In Enter The Dragon

At the end of the film, Lee finds himself in a hall of mirrors type room where he can't distinguish where the actual Han is. So, instead, Lee just Hulk-smashes every mirror until he finds the real Han, who is brandishing a Wolverine-style hand claw amongst other weapons.

Credit- Amnesia2morrow

The Ice Factory Fight In The Big Boss

The best Bruce Lee fight scene takes place in an ice factory in The Big Boss, where all of Lee's cousins are somehow murdered by the local crime boss, including his girlfriend/cousin (no judgment). This ice factory sequence is so intense and outlandish and features Bruce Lee taking on a legion of henchmen, which eventually leads to the outdoors.

Credit- Pineal Gland/YouTube

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