Simone Biles’ Gymnastics Tricks Gets People Off the Seats- Here’s Some Moves Named After Her

At this point, Simone Biles is re-writing the book on gymnastics. With four skills named after her—on floor, beam and vault—her name will already live on in the sport’s history.

Floor Trick

For this move, Biles flips twice in the air, with her body in an elongated position. Before landing, she adds a half twist, which means she can’t see where she will land. Her former coach Aimee Boorman said Biles has a good “air sense” 

Biles II

To complete this skill, Biles flips backwards twice in the air while simultaneously twisting three times. It requires a tremendous amount of power to propel her high enough into the air to complete all that tumbling in time. But knowing the power and lift she can achieve on floor, Biles’ coach convinced her to try adding another flip.

Balance beam

Heading 2

Biles also brings her tremendous flipping skills to the balance beam, with a double-double dismount that other Olympic champions still can’t believe.


The Yurchenko is hard enough—it’s a connected series of skills that starts with a round off into a back hand spring onto vault. From there, Biles literally flies. She does a half turn and then twists twice before landing.

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