Strongest Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman’s Reason for Lifting Weights in College Was Beyond Any Desire To Win 8 Mr. Olympia Titles

Ronnie Coleman entered the bodybuilding arena in the early 1990s, and went out there and achieved greatness.

Yet, it wasn’t the path he wanted to follow in his career. That credit would go to another popular sport. What sport was it? Watch further to find out.

Ronnie Coleman had other plans in college

 Coleman was always into lifting weights and building strength, but he wanted to become a part of an entirely different sport. However, when it didn’t turn out the way he wanted, Coleman found bodybuilding.

Coleman was into football

During a Dubai Table Talk with other fitness personalities, Coleman said, “I played football. I wasn’t just into working out and stuff. I was into football. I was trying to do what I can to be a better football player. So I lifted weights for that”. 

Coleman trained hard from a young age

In an attempt to realize his dreams and get a contract with the NFL, Coleman trained hard from a young age. However, NFL was always going to be an uphill battle for him to get in. Eventually, when Coleman didn’t make it, he found a different calling.

First from Louisiana

Coleman is a Louisiana native, and he claims to be the first from his state to enter the sport of bodybuilding in such a grand manner. Bodybuilding was still a relatively newer concept in Louisiana in the late 80s when Coleman was starting out.

A small town guy

He said, “I am from a small town. We have about 15,000 people and we had basketball, football, and baseball and none of those sports got anything to do with feet you know”. This meant Coleman had to make a complete makeover in his training regime for muscular legs.

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