Kelly Slater’s ‘Little Buddy’ Gets Special Praise From Surfing Legend Following His Sensational Win

The young generation always replaces the old generation and the cycle goes on. At this juncture when an old legend like Kelly Slater will soon retire from surfing, new surfers are sprouting all over the world who skim through the water just like a smooth jellyfish. Recently, the legendary Kelly Slater appreciated a young prodigy in surfing. Who is he? Check it out here.

A surfing performance that draw surfing legend's attention!

11-times World Champion Kelly Slater was impressed by young surfer Christian Stoute's performance at the Soup Bowl which made him win the Under-12 category.

Kelly Slater appreciates his young buddy

Kelly reposted Christian's video and captioned, "Shoutout to my little buddy @christian_stoute_termite for his win at Soup Bowl this weekend.” for which Stoute thanked Slater.

What was Christian's performance at the Soup Bowl event?

The young surfing prodigy Christian did not get a perfect score he won the Under-12 age category with an 8.83 on his best wave and 7.17 on his second.

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