“Surviving Summer”: 18-Year-Old 5x Junior Surfing Champion Lands a Spot in the Netflix Teen Drama Series

At just 18 years of age, surfer Lilliana Bowrey has won Queensland Surfing competitions five times. However, the surfer did not stop there and recently starred in a Netflix teen drama series as a surfer. Check out the following story to know more about it.

Lilliana on starring in a Netflix drama series!

"It was my first time acting ever in my life. I never thought I’d become an actress and be on a Netflix series," said Lilliana in an interview with ABC.

Name of the series that 18-year-old surfing champion starred in

The name of the show in which Lilliana has acted is "Surviving Summer". She played the character of Poppy Tetanui, a surfing enthusiast who wishes to become a world surfing champion one day.

"I was nervous to see how I was"

Lilliana was quite anxious about her work as it was her first time acting and she admitted, "It was my first time, so I was nervous to see how I was. I was wondering what people were going to think of me. I'm proud of myself and everyone else."

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