Teenage Surfer Breaks His Neck in an Attempt to Avoid a Horrifying Accident With Surf Camp Kids While Surfing

Surfing is supposed to be done in isolated waters where there is not much crowd while surfing, as the surfboard fins might cut through the spectators' skin at that much high speed. However, the popularity of sports is increasing as well as the crowd. Recently, in an attempt to save some children, a surfer suffered a horrifying fate.

Surfer breaks his neck in an attempt to avoid collision with kids!

While a 15-year-old teenage soccer player Marcos Ornellas was enjoying surfing on Bolinas Beach, California, some kids appeared in his path, to avoid which he jumped off the surfboard and accidentally hit his head into the beach sand.

How the surfer was saved?

As informed on Ornellas' funding page, "He[Marcos] fell off his board while riding a wave in. His friend noticed he was face down in the water and not moving. Upon turning him over, Marcos - who was thankfully still breathing - told his friend he could not feel his arms and legs."

Further, it was informed on the funding page, " He was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Oakland where he underwent 8 hours of surgery to repair a broken neck and a spinal cord injury."

How's the surfer doing now?

Currently, Marcos is in a rehab facility where he is continuously making progress. However, to cover the medical bills of the young surfer, his friends asked for a donation for Marcos on the GoFundMe page.

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