“That Was a Brother”: Subway Surfer Reveals Experience of Losing Two Friends in Absurd Quest

Subway surfing, i.e. walking on the moving trains, has emerged as a new sport in the subway of New York. No doubt the authorities are trying their best to save youth from this crazy activity. However, the social media trends and hunger to become famous are instigating the youth despite the life loss and injuries. Check out the following story to know life lost from the sport.

A sport that took life of two youths

Subway Surfer from New York City Arthur Graves loves Subway surfing despite the fact that this activity took the life of two of his brotherly friends.
Credit- Fox 5 New York/ YouTube

Arthur's response on losing his precious friends

"Kavyon died 350 feet away from where Zakery died. He didn't listen and just fell...that was a brother," told Arthur to News 12's Jericho Tran.

Action from the authorities on the issue

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York has been supervising a subset of social media firms to keep trends and patterns in check that invokes the youth most nowadays.

Why didn't Arthur stop subway surfing?

Arthur said to Jericho Tran on the question of stopping subway surfing, " It hasn't got me to stop because it's like I'm just used to it.

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