The Double-Attack of US Women’s Beach Volleyball Team on Sand Advances Them to the Pretigious World Championship Quarterfinals

At the World Championship games for beach volleyball, the duo of two USA women's pairs dominated the game and carved their path to the quarter-final berth. Check out the following story to get an insight into the stunning victory of the women's force.

Kristen Nuss- Taryn Kloth pair

Kristen Nuss and Taryn Kloth completely annihilated the attacks of the Brazilian duo of Agatha and Rebecca on the sand and swept them in two straight sets.

Another pair- Cheng and Hughes duo

Along with the offensive side, Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes also focused on the defense. They defeated Latvia with a scoreboard of 2-1 that got through outstanding services from the American pair.

A ray of light guiding to the World title

With duos in the quarter-finals, the USA will likely clinch the World Championship title as eventually, no matter which pair wins, the American team will emerge victorious.

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