Top 5 Unwritten Rules That Will Elevate Your Surfing Game

Surfing is a sport that does not have so many rulebook things for thrilling sports. Nevertheless, there are some unwritten rules that every surfer must follow as ethics as a breach of these unwritten rules might result in tension or fatal injury of a fellow surfer. Check out the following story to know about these rules.

Right Surf Spot

The first rule for surfing is to go for small and smooth waves as a beginner.
Credit- Barefoot Surf/ YouTube

Don't drop-in!

Don't drop in the way of another surfer, as it can cause tension and collisions.
Credit- Barefoot Surf/ YouTube

Drop In Variations and Exceptions

There can be some exceptions and variations if two surfers are catching the same wave.
Credit- Barefoot Surf/ YouTube

Don't Snake!

Snaking in surfing is considered more offensive than drop-in, as it is done knowingly.
Credit- Barefoot Surf/ YouTube

Paddle Wide

Surfers must paddle wide or close to whitewater to avoid getting in other surfer's way.
Credit- Barefoot Surf/ YouTube

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