When Usain Bolt Got Pissed At Reporter For Saying Justin Gatlin's Mistake Helped Him Win

The greatest sprinter in history, Usain Bolt, is an 11-time World Champion. Regarded as the fastest man on earth. One of Bolt’s more fierce rivals is the 5-time Olympic medalist, Justin Gatlin. The American sprinter competes in the 60 meters, 100 meters, and 200 meters.

Bolt reaches the finishing line in 9.79 seconds

The IAAF World Championships in Beijing, 2015, brought them both on the same track, running for victory against each other. Notably, it was a nerve-wracking competition. The neck-to-neck rivalry saw Bolt reach the finishing line in 9.79 seconds, surpassing Gatlin.

What Nigerian reporter has said on Bolt

“Justin made a mistake in the final of the 100 and you capitalized. How do you see the final play tomorrow?”

What Bolt responded to that

Heading 2

“He made a mistake. That’s how you look at it, alright,”

What Bolt told to BBC sport

“This means a lot because I’ve been struggling all season,”

Bolt concluded

“It’s taken me a while to work things out. It’s been up and down but it’s okay now.”

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