World’s Largest Surfing Pool Opens in $40,000,000 Recreation Hub Amidst Massive Water Crisis in Hawaii

The Hawaii water crisis is worsening day by day. The jet fuel exposure and the polyfluoro alkyl substances were not enough to contaminate the freshwater sources of Hawaii that the authorities have also built the world's largest pool in Oahu, which might become the reason for the death of Hawaii residents by dehydration in the future. Check out the following story for more info on it.

A $40 million artificial freshwater pool in Hawaii!

The project named LineUp by Wai Kai is an artificial pool formed by a 52-acre recreational lagoon filled with fresh water in Oahu, Hawaii.

What is the source of the fresh water of world's largest pool?

The freshwater source of the world's largest pool having a capacity of 1.7 million gallons is Makalilo Well of Honolulu, which is supplied to the locals for fresh water usage.

Hawaiian activist statement on the non-sensical project

Water rights activist Healani Sonoda-Pale told CBS news, "They’re opening the largest wave pool on the island of Oahu in a water crisis. They’re 100 feet away from families who don’t have access to clean drinking water."

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