“Your Mind Will Fight With Itself”: 75-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Unearthed a Simple Technique to Achieve Anything You Want

Coming from a humble background, Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the USA from Austria as a penniless immigrant. Through dedication and hard work, Arnold conquered every field he participated in, be it bodybuilding, Hollywood, business, or even politics.
 What is his secret to success? Watch more to find out.

Arnold's secret to success

It is his routine. The 75-year-old seven-time Mr. Olympia has followed the same routine over the years.

Arnold wrote about his routine in his newsletter recently

He gets up early to feed his animals and make coffee. He checks his emails while drinking coffee, Arnold rides his bike to the gym and has breakfast after returning.

"It’s been like this throughout my life"

Arnold further wrote in his newsletter "I was first motivated by Reg Park, the former Mr. Universe who became Hercules in the movies. But having that spark of motivation wasn’t what created my success. It was my routine."

"Your mind will fight with itself"

While it is initially uphill to follow a routine, it becomes a habit as you become consistent. "You need discipline until your routine is so automatic that you never think about it," he said. "Because once you start thinking, your mind will fight with itself."

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