Serena Williams vs Roger Federer's wife Mirka - How much did their respective wedding rings cost?

16 March, 2023


Did you know the two brides own amongst the most expensive Celebrity engagement rings! Let us take a look at how much each of them costs.

The American Tennis Legend got married to Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian in 2017. Whereas the Swiss- Maestro Roger Federer married Mirka Federer in 2009.

Serena Williams' engagement ring is reportedly one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Serena Williams' wedding ring is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry. It features a large center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds set in a halo design. The band is also studded with diamonds, creating a sparkling and glamorous look.

Whopping Million Dollar Detail Behind Mirka Federer's Upgraded 7-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring.

The emerald-cut diamond ring is encircled by a distinct snake-like band, covered in several more tiny diamonds in a white-gold or platinum setting. The diamond is an upgrade on Mirka's original engagement ring, which was a slightly smaller but still spectacular emerald-cut diamond.

How much does Serena Williams' ring cost?

Alexis Ohanian gifted Williams a luxurious ring on the occasion of their engagement, worth around $3 million.

How much does Mirka Federer's ring cost?

While the details of Mirka Federer's wedding ring are not publicly known. Lazar Cebbar, a diamond jewelry designer said, “It would not surprise me however if the stone… reached a value of over a Million francs.” To put it in context, when converted the price is around $1.45 million.


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