42-Year-Old Venus Williams Relishes the Best Impulsive Decision of Her Life That happened 16 Years Ago – ‘I Love Him Already..’

08 March, 2023


This has turned out to be one of the biggest and happiest decisions of her life as she has now joined hands to promote pet adoptions and animal-welfare programs.

Venus Williams is happily leading a single life. But that does not mean she is all alone. A special guest came into her life in 2007 who has kept her company for 16 years.

How did Venus Williams meet her best bud, Harry? 

And during all this time, she has had one constant, her 16-year-old Havanese, Harry. Pets are an inseparable part of many people’s lives and, despite traveling all over the world, Venus always kept her best buddy by her side.

The seven-time Grand Slam champion has found happiness in her single life. 

It was in 2007, after winning Wimbledon, she went to stroll around.

She gave her sister, Serena Williams, a call who instantly fell in love with him. She said, “Get him. I love him already.” 

And that is where she found Harry.

Venus took him wherever she went.

In an Interview she stated, “Since I travel so much, it would be so sad to miss half of his life.” Therefore, she stated, “So I don’t have to miss his life, and he doesn’t have to miss his life with me. We get to live that life together.”

What did Venus' mother Oracene say about Venus' constant pampering?

And the constant pampering led her mother, Oracene Price, to say, 

Venus' animal welfare program.

Because of their loving bond, the elder Williams sister has joined hands with Athletes for Animals to raise $150,000 to fund pet adoptions and animal-welfare programs.



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