42-Year-Old Venus Williams Spills the Beans About Serena Williams and Other Sisters’ Biggest Complaint About Her Fashion Style – ‘I Never Wear…’

Both the Williams sisters are huge trailblazers and fashionistas on and off the tennis courts. Despite having very diverse fashion senses, Serena Williams and Venus Williams always manage to complement one another. They occasionally make fun of each other’s fashion choices, just like any other siblings, and they both try to set trends. Even the seven-time Grand Slam champion described an occasion in which her sibling was encouraged to try her in-vogue items. The elder sister has a brand named ‘Eleven by Venus’ while the younger one has the brand, ‘S by Serena’.

Venus Williams’ sisters tease her fashion sense.

Recently, Venus discussed her style while talking about her apparel line and the type of fashion she wishes to provide her fans and the public. Not only that, but she also opened up about the clothes and accessories she always kept with her while mentioning how her sense of style is quite traditional and distinct from that of the rest of her siblings.

What did Venus say?

She said, “I don’t like the type of fashion that’s in today and out tomorrow. What I wear always needs to be an expression of who I am and how I want to present myself, rather than just following a mass trend. In terms of my go-to pieces, I’m often in a simple black or white tee. My sisters tease me that I never wear real pants, so I’ll often be wearing my tees with a good jean short.” 

Williams defines her suit on the tennis court.

Last year, Venus appeared on the cover of the Glamour UK magazine. In an Interview, she opened up about her on-court beauty look that she followed for years. According to Venus, her eyeliner looks were her forte. There was a time when she used to put on a bunch of eyeliners, but now with time, she has shifted her focus to lashes.

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