‘Couldn’t Take a Deep Breath’ – Mother’s Reassurance Didn’t Help Serena Williams as She Revealed Fighting for Life in an Intimate 2018 Confession

18 March, 2023


Her struggles were an inseparable part of her life, even when she has 23 Grand Slam titles in her hand. And she experienced one life-threatening incident when she was bringing the biggest achievement of her life, Olympia, into the world. Her life seemed to be crumbling down and even reminiscing about that time turned out to be an arduous task for Serena Williams.

Seeing the glorious and happy life of Serena Williams might give the impression that things have always been easy for her. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Serena Williams battling a life-threatening situation after giving birth to Olympia.

After that, when she thought the danger was over, she did not know what dreadful situation was awaiting her and her family.

The childbirth in itself was an overwhelmingly risky journey for the retired player.

What happened?

And reminiscing about the things that happened after giving birth to Olympia brought tears to her eyes. She started with, “I just remember getting up and I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t take a deep breath.”

In the documentary series Being Serena, she opened up about the journey of being a mother.

Serena had more to add.

“I told the nurse I can’t breathe; I need a mask. It hurt so bad.”

With a shiver in her voice, she said,

What happened next became the culmination of a catastrophe.

“And then my stitches broke. I was in the bathroom with my mom and I was just crying and crying. She was crying, and she was like, you gotta breathe. And I was like I can’t breathe. It was just really hard.”

With tears in her eyes, Williams stated,



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