‘Don’t Want It to Go to Her Head’ – Serena Williams Intends to Keep Five-Year-Old Daughter Olympia’s Innocence Intact Ahead of the Launch of Her New Book

Legendary American tennis player Serena Williams recently appeared on Good Morning America to talk about her new children’s book featuring her daughter Olympia’s favorite doll Qai Qai. In that interview, she revealed that her daughter believes the book’s character is her. It is worth noting that the doll Qai Qai is gaining massive popularity among children. Currently, Serena is also making a lot of appearances on various TV shows regarding Qai Qai’s latest installment.

Serena Williams tells a funny story about her daughter Olympia.

Serena said revealed, “Olympia thinks it’s her in the book and she thinks the mom is me and she thinks the dad is my husband… it’s not us… but I don’t want it to go to her head!“

Although Serena tried to tell Olympia the truth, she kept her innocence intact.

 Talking about Olympia’s responses, Serena said, “She’s like, ‘can you read me the book… that’s me… okay, but when I’m seven years old, that’s gonna be me.'”

In the interview Serena talks more about the Qai Qai doll.

Serena also revealed the origin of the book in the interview, as she came up with the idea while playing with Olympia during the pandemic. Moreover, she talked about the importance of Qai Qai in the African American community and how authentic the doll feels.

Serena is now a full-time mother to Olympia.

Earlier in September, Serena Williams tearfully said goodbye to the tennis world after losing in the third round at the US Open. While writing her retirement essay for Vogue Magazine, Serena mentioned about becoming a mother once again, as Olympia wanted to be a big sister. That was probably one of the main reasons she retired from professional tennis.

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