‘Get Ready to Make Out!’ – When Serena Williams Had a Hilarious Challenge for Naomi Osaka’s Former Coach

Serena Williams is a strong personality on the tennis court. During her illustrious career, she has dominated her opponents all across the globe by putting on some eye-catching displays. Many people have contributed to making Serena a champion player on the tennis court. Amongst them is German tennis coach, Sascha Bajin. The 37-year-old was Serena’s hitting partner for seven years. He worked with Serena during the peak of her career.  Serena once had a hilarious challenge for her hitting partner.

Serena Williams asked Sascha Bajin to kiss her dog.

During one of their practice sessions, Serena had an interesting challenge for her hitting partner, Sascha Bajin. She said, “If you can’t get an ace in five tries, then you have to kiss Jackie, with tongue.” 

Bajin's response to Serena.

Bajin protested, saying, “No way. You know what that dog licks? Other dog’s butts.” Trying his luck out, Bajin didn’t even come close to hitting an ace in his first four tries.

Serena then crackled.

“Get ready to make out!” Further, in the fifth attempt, Bajin hit the border and smashed an ace to win the challenge. Serena hilariously reacted, saying, “OK, but I still want you to kiss Jackie.”

Bajin’s split with Naomi Osaka.

After the Australian Open in 2019, the Japanese tennis star shocked one and all with her decision to separate from coach Sascha Bajin despite their successful partnership. Osaka later explained that the split was because she did not want to sacrifice her own happiness.

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