Having Witnessed Williams’ Clan Up Close, $70 Million Worth Alexis Ohanian Drops a Note-Worthy ‘Legacy’ Suggestion to Wife Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has brought a new motivation for the day. And it’s something everybody or every family should do once in a lifetime. To have a part of their legacy seeded for the upcoming generations to see and feel the presence of their ancestors. And to grow in their shadow and blessing. But along with the motivation, he also shares a suggestion for his dear wife. Now, what was the suggestion and motivation all about? Take a look. 

Alexis Ohanian’s suggestion for his wife, Serena Williams.

The American businessman on Twitter shared his motivation of the day about how he is all ready to reconstruct the Ohanian family tree and make a few changes.

Ohanian, shared a picture of a cemented board having his early ancestors’ names written on it, who technically started the Ohanian clan.

Besides that, Ohanian commented on his own post. And made a shoutout regarding his search for a genealogist.

After that, a Twitter user tagged Henry Lewis Gates junior satisfying the Reddit co-founder’s request.

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