‘I Got Really Fired Up’ – Serena Williams Cites King Richard’s Example to Show How She Learned Big Time From Sister Venus

The 2021 sports-drama movie, ‘King Richard’ presented the childhood stories of Venus and Serena Williams beautifully. In that movie, we saw the hardship both sisters had to go through along with their families to become tennis players. In a recent interview, Serena cited that movie as an example and talked about her struggles at the beginning of her tennis career, as she felt she was not that good. Moreover, she talked about her sister Venus receiving all the opportunities. However, she opened up about learning from that and increasing her level on her own.

Serena Williams talked about learning from Venus to grow as a tennis player.

Serena Williams wrote an emotional first-person essay, where she said, “If you watched King Richard, then you know that when I was little, I was not very good at tennis.  I was so sad when I didn’t get all the early opportunities that Venus got, but that helped me."

Then, Serena talked about learning from Venus’ losses and mimicking her.

“I learned the lessons from Venus’s losses instead of the hard way, from my own. I’m a good mimic. If I hadn’t been in Venus’s shadow, I would never be who I am. When someone said I was just the little sister, that’s when I got really fired up,” Serena further said. 

Serena won her first Grand Slam title at the US Open.

In the 1999 US Open, Serena beat the Swiss legend Martina Hingis in the final. Earlier, Hingis beat Venus in the semi-final, which destroyed all hopes of seeing the two Williams sisters going head to head in the final.

The Bond of Serena and Venus.

Even though both Venus and Serena had a strong rivalry on the court, it never affected their sisterly bond. Together they have dominated women’s tennis for nearly two decades. 

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