‘Unreal Dad’ Richard Williams’ ‘Epic’ Narrative to ‘Spice’ Tennis Up for Daughter Serena Williams Unveiled as Childhood Coach Harks Back to Compton Days


18th Oct, 2023

In a recent podcast, Rick Macci sheds light on Richard's unparalleled dedication and unorthodox methods that contributed to the sisters' development into formidable players.

Richard Williams, the father of tennis sensations Serena and Venus Williams, is renowned for his unique and unconventional approach to training his daughters. 

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Serena Williams

Richard Williams' "Compton Zingers" Training Method

Macci recently revealed Richard's extraordinary training approach. Each day, he would serve 100 balls to young Serena from the service line, incorporating his legendary "Compton zingers" to make the practice more exciting. 

A Unique Approach

Venus and Serena Williams - A Conversation with Rick Macci

In an appearance on the Parenting Aces podcast, Macci discussed the significance of athleticism and genetics in a player's development, underscoring the vital role of the mental aspect in their growth. He also unveiled a surprising facet of Serena's personality—an exceptional ability to anticipate her opponent's moves. 

Insights into Tennis Legends

This keen mental acumen and her athleticism served as the foundation for her extraordinary career. On the other hand, Venus Williams was described as possessing a strong "stick-to-it" attitude, emphasizing her unwavering determination and persistence.



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