Here's How
dwayne 'the rock' johnson spends his millions

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Not only that but he's also a Producer and a successful Businessman.

Today, we look at how 'The Great One' spends his millions

$3.4 Million
Miami mansion

The Rock's luxurious 13,153 sq.ft mansion comes with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool, 2 car garages and a mini theatre!

Credit: YouTube/Luxury Billionaire

$9.5 Million
georgia estate

Johnson owns a mammoth 46-acre equestrian estate that has 8 bedrooms, salt-water pool, and a lot more!

Credit: YouTube/Luxury Billionaire

 custom-made pagani huayra

The Rock owns a custom-made Pagani Huayra. A Pagani costs about $1M, we leave it for you to guess what a custom-made will be worth

Custom Ford Velociraptor v8 

The Rock can't fit in small cars and he loves his custom-made Velociraptor V8! Oh, the price? Anywhere between $150-200,000

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Custom-made suits

Johnson is always dressed to perfection. He has a unique collection of tailor-made suits, that ooze opulence!

Credit: YouTube/The Rock

personal gym -
The Iron Paradise

Dwayne Johnson has a $300K personal gym in his Miami Mansion. 'The Great One' never misses a day training!

Credit: YouTube/The Rock

seven bucks productions

The Rock runs a successful production company, 7 Bucks Productions, that he started with ex-wife Dany Garcia

Credit: YouTube/Good Morning America

Teremana tequila

Johnson introduced his Tequila company, Teremana last year, and the drink has become a favorite of tequila lovers already!

Credit: YouTube/fendi32