Every Championship WWE Legend Goldberg Has Held in His Career

WWE Legend Goldberg has defeated several pro-wrestlers during his career, but he has had limited yet brilliant title runs at both WCW and WWE.

Let’s find out about his title wins!

WCW United States Champion, 1998

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Goldberg defeated Raven on April 20th, 1998 on an episode of WCW Nitro to become the new United States Champion and mark his first title win of his wrestling career

WCW World Heavyweight Title, 1998

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Goldberg defeated WCW Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan on July 6th, 1998 to secure the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt from Hogan

2x WCW United States Championship, 1999

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Goldberg defeated Sid in 1999 at Halloween Havoc to become the WCW United States Champion for the 2nd time during his career

WCW Tag Team Title, 1999

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Goldberg partnered with Bret Hart and defeated The Creative Control on December 9th, 1999 on WCW Thunder to become the WCW Tag Team Champions

wwe World heavyweight Championship, 2003

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Heading 2

Goldberg defeated Triple H at WWE Unforgiven 2003 to capture his 2nd World Championship during his wrestling career

WWE Universal Championship, 2017

Credit: YouTube/WWE

At WWE Fastlane 2017, Goldberg took on Kevin Owens and defeated him to capture the WWE Universal Championship title

2x WWE Universal Championship, 2020

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Goldberg defeated The Fiend at Super Showdown 2020 after executing four spears on him to become the Universal champion for the second time