From Bret Hart to
CM Punk:
WWE Superstars that Quit on Live TV

WWE Superstars have a larger than life persona and when these personas get hurt, there's no turning back

Here are five wWe superstars who quit the company on Live TV

'The Hitman'

Bret Hart quit WWE at Survivor Series 1997 after the infamous Montreal Screwjob. He even spat on Mr. McMahon!

Credit: YouTube/DIRECTV

'The Animal'

Batista quit WWE in 2010 on Raw after Bret Hart forfeited his spot to Randy Orton. Poor Batitsa was bound to a wheelchair!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Joey Styles

Famous ECW Color Commentator quit the WWE live on Raw. He cited he didn't want to be part of 'sports entertainment.'

Credit: YouTube/WWE

CM Punk

CM Punk left the WWE with the WWE Championship live after MITB as his contract expired. Mr. McMahon could only watch

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Gail Kim

Credit: YouTube/apriljeanettecom

Batista Quits....

Batista quit the company once again in 2014 after Evolution's loss to The Shield. He was done listening to Triple H's trash

Credit: YouTube/WWE