From Chris Jericho to Brock Lesnar:
WWE Superstars Who Got Into Real Fights

Professional wrestling might be not be real combat fighting, but that's what makes it special

However, there have been times when WWE Superstars went beyond and got into real fights! Lets check them out

Chris Jericho & GOldberg

Chris Jericho got into a real fight backstage on Raw in 2003. Surprisingly, Y2J walked out after making Goldberg pass out to a Guillotine choke

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Booker T & Batista

Booker T and Batista got into a fist fight during a commercial shoot for Summerslam 2006. Booker walked out with a black eye, while Batista had cut his face

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Rick Rude &
The Ultimate Warrior

Rick Rude once confronted The Ultimate Warrior for being a stiff worker. Warrior replied like he didn't care and Rude knocked him out with a right hand like he didn't care

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Hurricane &
Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell had some serious attitude issues and The Hurricane aka Shane Helms cut him down to size as Bagwell was left busted open!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Yoshi Tatsu & Sheamus

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Many wont remember Yoshi Tatsu from the 2010s, but he and Sheamus got into a fight over an unwashed blender. Yoshi's boxing skills allowed him to take out Sheamus

Brock Lesnar & randy orton

This wasn't really a fight as Lesnar went berserk against his match against Orton and went too realistically for the finish, busting Orton and laying in a pool of blood

Credit: YouTube/WWE