From John Cena to Goldberg:
Check Out Weird
Pre-Match Rituals of
WWE Superstars

Every athlete has a weird ritual that he/she follows before game time. 

today, we check out the
pre-match rituals of a few current and former WWE Superstars


The 'Iconic' Goldberg has a weird pre-match ritual of slamming his locker room door open with his head!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Rob Van Dam

RVD has a weird pre-match ritual of doing intense stretching! No wonder he pulls off those insane moves effortlessly!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

CM Punk

CM Punk's pre-match ritual is very exciting to say the least! He always enters saying 'It's Clobberin' Time!'

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena

The 'Face of WWE' John Cena, too, has a pre-match ritual. Cena always knocks on wood before heading out for his matches

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Rey Mysterio

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Bella Twins

Brie and Nikki Bella have an extremely weird pre-match ritual. The twins actually get physical with each other as warm up!

Credit: YouTube/WWE