John Cena,
The Undertaker, and More: WWE Superstars With the Most Wins in History

Today we take a look at WWE Superstars Who have the most victorious in WWE History! 

These Match stats include the superstars dark matches, Television Tapings, PPVs and House shows!

1731 Wins

John Cena

John Cena has the most wins in WWE history with 1731 wins in 2180 matches! Cena has achieved this feat in only 15 years of his full-time wrestling career!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Undertaker

1694 Wins

The Undertaker makes it at #2 with the most wins. The 'Deadman' wrestled 2189 matches in his three-decade career and won 1694 of them!

Credit: YouTube/WWE


1486 Wins

The 'Big Red Monster' Kane stands at #3 behind his half-brother The Undertaker with 1486 wins out of 2811 matches!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Bret Hart

1467 Wins

Bret 'The Hitman' Hart is in the fourth spot with 1467 wins from 2149 matches! And mind you, these are only his wins for the WWF/WWE! Not including WCW

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Shawn Michaels

1224 Wins

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The 'Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels takes the fifth spot of most wins with
1224 wins from 1775 matches!

The Big Show

1223 Wins

AEW's Paul Wight fka The Big Show takes the #6 spot with 1223 wins from 2217 matches in WWE! Again, this does include WCW matches

Credit: YouTube/WWE