Stone Cold's Beer Bath and more: Must-See Moments from the WWE Attitude Era

The WWE Attitude Era was the key factor that made the then WWF stand out as the top wrestling company in the world over WCW

Let's check out the moments that definied the Attitude Era and led to WCW's demise

Stone Cold confronts
Mike Tyson

Stone Cold Steve Austin confronted Mike Tyson on an episode of Raw in 1998. Austin cited an issue with Tyson calling himself as the Baddest Man on the Planet, leading to a brawl!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

D-Generation X Invades WCW!

D-Generation X did the unthinkable in 1998 when they decided to invade a live show of WCW Nitro. This segment is one of the most memorable moments of all time!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mankind Wins
WWF Title!

Tony Schiavone gave a spoiler of Mankind's WWF Title win on WCW TV. However, channels turned instantly and Mankind's win was seen around the world

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Beer Bath for the Corporation

Stone Cold Steve Austin gave The Rock and the entire Corporation a beer bath on an episode of Raw in 1999.  This is by far the greatest Stone Cold and WWE moment of all time

Credit: YouTube/WWE

This Is Your Life, Rock!

Mankind presented the 'This is your Life' segment for The Rock during the start of the Rock n Sock Connection. This segment is the highest rated WWE segment of all time with 8.4 rating!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Milk o-Mania!

Kurt Angle gave Stone Cold Steve Austin a taste of his own medicine by giving him and The Alliance a Milk Bath of his own on an episode of Raw in 2001!

Credit: YouTube/WWE