OMG Moments from the WWE Ruthless Aggression Era

The WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Was a new beginning for the WWE after the infamous WWF Attitude Era

This was the era when the landscape of WWE changed in various ways, and these moments define them perfectly!

Kane Unmasks!

Kane put his mask on the line against Triple H in a match on Raw. However, the 'Big Red Machine' lost the match and unmasked for the first-time in his career on live TV!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Eddie is WWE Champion!

D-Generation X did the unthinkable in 1998 when they decided to invade a live show of WCW Nitro. This segment is one of the most memorable moments of all time!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Evolution turns on Randy Orton

Triple H and the rest of Evolution turned on their youngest member, Randy Orton, after the latter won the World Heavyweight Championship making HHH insecure

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Batista puts the Thumb down!

Batista chose Triple H as his WrestleMania opponent after winning the 2005 Royal Rumble. This was something Triple H and Ric Flair both didn't see coming!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Best Sweet Chin Music Ever

Shawn Michaels pulled one of the most amazing Sweet Chin Music’s of all time when he connected one on Shelton Benjamin as he came off a springboard move

Credit: YouTube/WWE

SmackDown Ring Wreck

Brock Lesnar and Big Show wrecked the  ring after Lesnar delivered a superplex on the 'World's Largest Athlete' on an episode of WWE SmackDown

Credit: YouTube/WWE