Shawn michaels to The Undertaker: WWE Superstars Who Made Iconic entrances at SummerSlam

Some WWE Superstars went an extra mile and made their entrance one of the most exciting moments in the arena during WWE pay-per-view SummerSlam over the years. 
Do you know who they are?

Let’s find out!

the undertaker

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Undertaker entered the arena at SummerSlam 1992 with a hearse, dressed in his black attire while Paul Bearer walked in front 

D-generation x

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Shawn Michaels and Triple H entered the arena at SummerSlam 2009 on a tank while the music echoed through the arena, and Triple H doing his signature water spray 

shawn michaels

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Shawn Michaels entered the arena at SummerSlam 2002 with fireworks going off, and the music blasting from the arena speakers 

finn balor

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Finn Balor entered the arena at WrestleMania 2016 surrounded with red lights and smoke, and bringing forth a new vibe than usual

bray wyatt

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

Bray Wyatt entered the arena at SummerSlam 2014 with a lamp while everyone waved their phone torches, making the illusion of fireflies

randy savage

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Randy Savage entered the arena at SummerSlam 1990 like a king, sitting atop a chair carried by four men on their shoulders