Best Moments from
WWE Fastlane

From The Fiend's Return to Roman Reigns retaining his universal Championship - fastlane 2021 had some exciting moments from start to finish

Lets check them out!

Riddle Retains his United States Championship

Riddle retained his United States Championship against Mustafa Ali after connecting with an Avalance Bro Derek!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Sasha Banks removes her frustration on Bianca BElair

Sasha Banks called Bianca Belair a 'rookie' and slapped her after losing the chance to win the Women's Tag Team Championship

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Big E retains title,
but Apollo crews
stands tall

Big E won the match in under six minutes with an inside cradle, but Apollo brutally assaulted him after the match

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Drew McIntyre and SHeamus Go To WAR!!

Drew McIntyre emerged victorious against his bestfriend Sheamus in a No Holds Barred match. Truly MOTY in our opinion!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Fiend Returns!

The Fiend made his long-awaited return to WWE with a new look and attire. Well, should we say 'new' look or 'burned' look?

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Edge Turns

Credit: YouTube/WWE