The Greatest Moments in WWE SmackDown History

WWE SmackDown debuted on April 29, 1999.
And on the occasion of its
22nd Anniversary,
we bring you handpicked greatest moments in SmackDown History

Rhyno Gores y2J through the stage

Rhyno gored 'Y2J' Chris Jericho through the SmackDown stage! It was the first time it happened in SmackDown history

Credit: YouTube/Erica The WWF WCW DIVA Straight-Webb 1985 3.0

Stone Cold Blows up the DX Express!

Stone Cold Steve Austin returned from injury and blew up the DX Express on the April 27, 2000 episode of SmackDown

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Ruthless Aggression!

John Cena made his iconic debut answering Kurt Angle's open challenge. He may have lost that night, but we all know how it panned out for Cena!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Brock Lesnar Annihilates
Hulk Hogan

The 'Next Big Thing' brutalized Hulkster on SmackDown ahead of his match at SummerSlam against The Rock.
He hit him with a F5 and then won with rib-crushing bearhug

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Lesnar and Big Show Explode the Ring! 

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Lesnar and Big Show Explode the Ring! Brock Lesnar hit the Big Show with a superplex causing the ring to explode. This happened on the June 12, 2003 edition.

AJ Styles Makes History!

AJ Styles defeated Jinder Mahal in Nov 2017 to win the WWE Championship. This was the 1st time the title changed hands outside North America

Credit: YouTube/WWE