top hollywood movies of wwe legend john cena

WWE Legend John Cena is a Superhit in the wrestling ring. However, he has been quite the king in the Hollywood industry, and has produced box office blockbusters.

Here’s a list of his top movies!

Trainwreck, 2015

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena played the role of Steven in Trainwreck, which aired in 2015. The movie is a R-Rated comedy, where Cena’s role was rather funny

Fast and Furious Saga: F9, 2021

Credit: YouTube/WWE

This is the first time John Cena appeared on the Fast and Furious franchise where he played the role of Jakob Toretto, Dom Toretto’s brother

The Marine, 2006

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena plays the role of a former US Marine who pursues a gang of robbers after they kidnap his wife, who had witnessed them commit a crime

Suicide Squad 2, 2021

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Invisible Man plays the role of Peacemaker, who is one of the supervillains accumulated by the Government to send them to the island of Corto Maltese

Vacation Friends, 2021

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

John Cena plays the role of Ron, who is with Kyla. The couple meet Marcus and Emily and show up at their wedding unannounced 

Playing With Fire, 2019

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena plays the role of Superintendent Jake Carson of a firehouse, and has to lead a team to babysit three mischievous children following an accident