Edge Pays Tribute to His Wife During WWE SummerSlam 2021 Match Against Seth Rollins

Published 08/21/2021, 11:13 PM EDT

Edge and Seth Rollins did not fight for a title at SummerSlam 2021. They fought for something even bigger. They fought for the future of their families.


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Seth Rollins has been furious with Edge because The Rated-R Superstar stepped between him and The Universal Championship, which sacrificed the future of his family. On the other hand, Edge knows that his ability to be the father and husband will get affected if The SmackDown Saviour stomps him on the head!

Coming to SummerSlam 2021, Rollins entered the arena first with black and gold attire, keeping his drip on-point! Rollins was confident and ready to take down The Rated-R Superstar.


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Seth Rollins stares at the arena entrance as The Rated-R Superstar emerges from smoke and fire, The Brood Edge! The Master Manipulator arrived with extreme enthusiasm to take down The SmackDown Saviour.

As the bell went off, the two men stood staring at each other. The psychological warfare had begun.

The physical battle was dominated by Edge as he first put down Rollins with a punch to the neck and the. Sending him out of the ring. The frustration of being dominated by Edge took over Rollins and he didn’t enter the ring until count 8. Unfortunately, even when he came back, The Rated-R Superstar again sent Rollins out of the ring and brutally punched him.

Seth Rollins and Edge tried several pin attempts before the final submission victory

Following that, The Rated-R Superstar tried to do the slide across the ring to take down The SmackDown Saviour. However, the latter moved out of the way and then shoved The Rated-R Superstar to the ring pole before banging his head against the steel steps.

The first pin attempt was by Rollins but Edge kicked out!

Next, Rollins and Edge went back and forth until Rollins finally found the situation to stomp The Rated-R Superstar’s neck. After brutally stomping him, he tried a second pinfall victory but failed, yet again.

Rollins tried a third pinfall victory after putting down The Rated-R Superstar with a knee to the head.

By now, Edge had had enough. He reversed a move by Rollins and tried to pin him, but failed. This infuriated Rollins, and he attacked Edge’s neck again. Following that, he jumped on Edge from a massive height, but failed to pin The Rated-R Superstar again.

The domination reversed when Edge executed a spinning neck-breaker from the top rope. This was a critical moment from this match. He attacked Rollins with a few other moves before trying to pin him, but was unsuccessful! Within a minute or two, The Rated-R Superstar tried to pin The SmackDown Saviour again, but this time tried a roll-up pin, but failed, again!

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Seth Rollins turned the match around by executing a top rope superplex, followed with a roll through, and a failed pin attempt. But that didn’t stop Rollins, he prepared for a stomp but Edge moved out of the way. The Rated-R Superstar gained momentum, and tried to pin him, but failed again after paying tribute to his wife Beth Phoenix by flawlessly delivering her signature move, The Grand Slam!

Another critical moment of the match arrived soon after when Edge speared through the ropes and took down Rollins ringside. There was another pin attempt by Edge when they came back to the ring but he failed. Next, Rollins countered a spear and tried to pin Edge, unsuccessful!


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Edge speared him again, but still couldn’t pin Rollins. By now, the WWE Universe was leaping out of their seats wondering who would actually win this match.


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Rollins tried to attempt his signature move, the stomp, but The Rated-R Superstar caught his foot and stopped him.

Finally, Edge put Rollins in a chokehold and Rollins tapped out after fighting it for a while!


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